Due to the variety of our services and the individual wishes of our customers, it is not possible to make a uniform price statement here.

We would be happy to hold a free, non-binding consultation with you. On this basis, we will create a concrete written offer for you on request.


Fixed Prices

You can book a single service for a fix price and without a monthly contract term. You need support immediately. No problem. We will offer you our service directly and send you the bill right away. No contract term. No monthly bill.

Network - COMITIVA

Service Package

We offer service packages. Every package is created individually depending on your demands and wishes. You can calculate the costs in advance and get sure that there will be no extra costs at the end of the month.


Pay by the hour

You prefer a payment by the hour? No problem. We show you our rates per hour and you decide how long you want to use our service.