Language Management - COMITIVA

Language Management

Do you live abroad? Would you like to explain yourself but you can´t do it in the foreign language? Avoid misunderstandings and use a private interpreter in your daily life.

Relocation Management - COMITIVA

Relocation Management

COMITIVA provides you an individual Relocation Service in and around Düsseldorf and take care of all tasks related to your personal needs. Take your time to say goodbye to your old hometown and friends and start in your new home with pleasure and in a good mood.

Lifestyle Assistant - COMITIVA

All-Around Assistance

Do you have an extraordinary lifestyle and too much to do in a day or too less time and energy to handle it alone? Why don´t you have a Lifestyle Assistant on your side? Your Personal Lifestyle Assistant will be able to assist you based on your individual needs and take care of any duties.

Contact us! We want to make sure that we help you in any way we can. We are happy to discuss your interpreting needs and to provide you with a free no-obligation quotation.