About us

We support professional athletes and public figures in organizing their private lives. We help people with a busy schedule with their everyday tasks. We create more freedom and more time for their valuable thinks in life.

We work discreetly and independently and support Champions League players as well as injured players equally and with the same quality and passion. That distinguishes us and we are proud of it. We support our customers in difficult and challenging situations and we always find a solution for them.

We understand and know the wishes, challenges and problems of top performers. We work with the same passion, power and affirmation of life to keep their mind free from stressfull situations in the implementation of their goals.




Bastian Berberich

Founder & CEO


  • Attention to detail, (self-) discipline, research, technology, optimism


  • To travel, cooking & eating, health & naturopathy, sports, football, cars & motor sport

Nicole M. Moiteiro

Founder & CEO


  • Communication, networking, organization, languages, soft skills, property search, full of experiences & ideas


  • To be on the road, to travel, Portugal, Thermomix, Loft-properties



Our basis for a successful (short or long-term) cooperation are personal partnerships in which both sides can rely on one another. Through a selected network of experts, COMITIVA has access to first-class specialists in all services.

At the beginning of a collaboration, we want to understand which values ​​and goals are important to you and your family in everyday life. Then we determine your wishes for more free time and less stress in everyday life and create an individual service profile in order to develop a permanent support strategy on this basis.

COMITIVA is an innovative service provider with high quality standards. In order to be able to guarantee this, we attach great importance to respectful interaction with one another, appropriate remuneration, reliability, prompt feedback, punctuality, friendliness, honesty, respectful treatment, professionalism, empathy, seriousness, professional competence, discretion, individual orientation of the offer.

We continuously question our offers and adapt our offers to the wishes and needs of our discerning customers.

We work with a selection of exclusive cooperation partners and are continuously expanding the amount of professional and serious partners.

These principles of action are the pillars of the company and the work of COMITIVA is based on them!

The primary goal is always customer satisfaction.