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Our versatile services meet the universal needs of professionals. Whether in everyday life, off the field or on vacation – all areas are covered as needed.


A successful, long-term career for foreign soccer talents very often fails due to a lack of integration in their new home country. Many young talents do not reach their full potential on the pitch because they (and their families) do not adapt quickly enough to their new surroundings. To avoid poor performance due to cultural shock, COMITIVA intervenes with full commitment.


COMITIVA is at your side before, during and after the entire relocation process as a central and reliable contact.

Leave nothing to chance – COMITIVA coordinates and supervises the entire process for you.


COMITIVA offers professional support in the selection of kindergartens and schools that take into account a child’s current and future educational goals. Since the well-being of the children is always the top priority, COMITIVA’s family package is also very important for a player and his family.

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